Safran are one of the world’s largest military defence companies, based in France. They have been operating drones for 25 years and for nine years in the Afghanistan arena.

The evaluation of the ES15 as a platform for the new Safran Patroller™ was a process that was filled with detail and analysis – as well as competition from other companies. The decision to choose the ES15 by Sagem was based on nine years of operations of their Sperwer tactical UAV that has logged some 2500 missions.

The fact that Safran have chosen the ES15 to be their new Patroller is another defining moment for the flexibility and performance of the ES15.

ECARYS and Safran are building the Patroller as a partnership and, as well as being able to operate as a UAV, it will also have the option to be manned and piloted from the left seat.

ECARYS has demonstrated its engineering and management of large projects to keep this project on track – helping to deliver solutions from military customers that demand flexibility. ECARYS’ experience at delivering to major defence organisations has created a culture within the company that is able to evaluate and respond to wide ranging requests accurately and on time.

ECARYS built the ES15 to be a platform that can be developed and adapted for multi role uses and at the core of this is a team that can help customers to have a platform which is tailor-made to suit their missions.